You're different. So are we.

What makes us different from traditional accounting firms? 

Rather than just recording financial history and filling out government forms we are in the business of applying our intellectual capital, business experience, and resources in a partnering relationship with select clients with the express purpose of impacting their income and quality of life.

Balog & Associate, CPAs & Profitability Consultants approach is not right for everyone... But for the right clients...  We get results! 

However, if you are even a bit unsure if we might not be right... Do not hesitate to call us with your questions. 

After learning about your needs, we will be happy to point you to the right solutions. We want to be your go to resource for all of your accounting and business growth needs!

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Explore below our specialty niches: 

Dental Client Practice Development 

Mark Balog of Balog & Associate, CPAs is an expert in the business side of Dental Practice Development. Mark has spent the time understanding the throughput process of the dental business world and has built a dashboard of indicators that act as a GPS for financial success. Because his process is so different... It's not right for everyone. But, those clients it is right for, they see a direct impact to how much money they make and keep. Along with an increase to their practice's salable business value.  


LAW Enforcement Accounting

Federal Law Enforcement Officers have very unique and complex tax issues to deal with. Balog & Associate, CPAs understand those hurtling blocks and have created a simple to the point process that walk our Law Enforcement officers through a process that helps them keep more of their hard earned income. Have any questions? Call us for a free no obligation discovery conversation. 



Matrimonial Accounting 

There are only a few CPAs in the country that are conversant in Matrimonial Accounting. Balog & Associate, CPAs have the expertise to make a difference in your divorce proceeding. Not sure how painting the right picture with your numbers makes a difference? Reach out to us, we will be happy to explain. 

We generate much more than we cost. 

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Take a peek at some of the testimonials our clients share about their experiences with us!

Neil Guilmette of CPA Network

"As executive director of the CPA Network, I have worked with 100's of CPAs. My philosophy and focus is helping select CPAs transition from reactive historians to business advisors who happen to be Accountants. The fact that I choose Mark as my CPA says it all." -NEIL GUILMETTE  

Our new webinar on the Business of Dentistry is LIVE


This webinar is dedicated to dental professionals looking to own their first practice or make their existing practice more profitable. Webinar attendees will learn the best treatment plan to build a successful dental practice.  

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