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How to Ace the Business Side of Your Dental Practice

A goal without a plan is just a wish.That’s a famous quote from French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery. And even though the quote dates back to the first half of the 20th century, it’s perfectly applicable today to many aspects of life. 

One of those aspects is the separation that exists between an average dental practice and one that is more successful financially. It’s about planning—specifically, having a strategic action plan. Unfortunately, that plan is missing from too many dental practices. 

“In the dental field, 85-90% of dentists coming out of dental school, within two to four years are either off on their own, or buy into some sort of practice,” says Mark Balog, CPA, principal with Balog & Associate, CPAs, PLLC. “They’re good technicians at the end of the day, but they’re not equipped to run a practice.” 

And developing that strategic action plan is key to achieving financial success. Continue reading the article at: 

or join us for a webinar on The Business of Dentistry here (great for all dental pros):

Mark Balog CPA, Profitability Consultant & CPA

About the author: Balog & Associate CPAs are a full-service CPA firm with boutique niches within the “Dental” profession, “Matrimonial” profession & “Law Enforcement” profession. Many of our clients are either dentists looking to open their first practice and be successful or dentists with established practices looking to improve their profitability.


New webinar for all dental professionals on
The Business of Dentistry.   More info and register here.

Webinar: The Business of Dentistry

This webinar will offer you a step by step treatment plan on how to open and manage a successful dental practice. 

Hosted by dental industry experts: Charles Feitel, Commercial Dental Realtor and Mark Balog, CPA and Profitability Consultant

We understand all-to-well the pitfalls and hazards you may face in your dental practice, especially as a new entrepreneur. Just one or two bad decisions at the start can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in the long run. 

So together, we created a treatment plan for aspiring dentists looking to open or acquire their first practice. There are potentially many pitfalls that can affect your success and we hope that you find our prescription will make this road easier to travel (and much more profitable in the long run).


Even if you have an existing dental practice, the principles discussed will apply to your practice as well. Plus, attendees will be eligible for few special offers (worth thousands of dollars)

What's in it for you? Your treatment plan will include:

  • Determine what Type of Practice Are You Looking To Start/Acquire

  • Best options for Location Based On Practice Type

  • Negotiating Purchase/Lease and planning for future growth

  • Assembling Your Professional Team

  • Monitoring Time Line For Completion/Execution For Opening, Budgeting Purposes, & Accountability

Who should attend: All dental professionals and especially dentists thinking about starting their own practice. Multiple event times or Watch a Replay OnDemand

Reserve your seat here: